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R 278,95

KLIEK for Generation Z grade-specific books present FAL Afrikaans in an exciting new way that incorporates technology to teach Afrikaans effectively as a school subject.

All of the sections in this learner guide are available digitally on the Your Online Teacher Portal. The QR codes at the beginning of each section allow you to scan the code using your mobile smart device and navigate to the associated online section via your device’s web-browser. A free Your Online Teacher Mobile Learning App is also available. Students are advised to visit the Your Online Teacher webpage and download the Mobile Learning App from their respective device’s App store (Google Play or App Store). Links to download the mobile learning app are available in the footer below. This book can be ordered online, you will automatically be enrolled on the online programme once payment has been received and your book will be couriered to you. Alternatively you can also purchase the book from Macmillan Education or a bookseller that stocks this product. Note - both these options will mean that you will only be able to enrol yourself onto the online programme once your book arrives as it contains a unique subscription code on the inside front-cover.

Programme Features

What makes this programme unique:

Hard Copy Book

Workbook containing theory and accompanying exercises.

Interactive Content

Theory is enriched with interactive eLearning.

Tutor Support

This programme is eligible for online tutor support.

Automated Quizzes

Online quizzes provide immediate remedial feedback.

eContent Updates

Online content is periodically updated.

Teacher Resources

Classroom resources are available for download.