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Kliek 8



An exciting new start in Afrikaans FAL in high school that incorporated technology to teach Afrikaans FAL as a school subject in Grade 8. Focus on language usage, oral and creative writing.

Kliek 9



This programme is developed for learners in Grade 9 Afrikaans FAL. Learners expand their knowledge in the following fields: language, oral and creative writing.

Kliek 10



The shift from Grade 9 to Grade 10 is huge. Touch base with KLIEK 10 in the following areas: Language, Oral and Creative Writing.

Kliek 11-12


KLIEK 11 + 12

Learners will be able to pass Grade 12 Afrikaans FAL with excellent results if they complete this programme. Excellent revision for Grade 12’s short academic year. All our products are suitable for IEB, DBO and Cambridge curriculums.




Home schoolers throughout South Africa benefit by using KLIEK (Grade 7 – Grade 12). They can monitor their own progress and they will be able to pass matric with excellent results with this complete programme. Determine your own progress – useful during lockdown.


Exercising English Book 1

You’ve been waiting too long for this! This product is a blended learning product compiled for learners in Grade 7 and Grade 8. This is an effortless solution to teaching remotely. English Home language and FAL learners will benefit from this programme.

Exercising English 1


Exercising English Book 2

This product is a blended learning product compiled for learners in Grade 9 and Grade 10 (English HL and FAL learners.) This is also an effortless solution for engaging learners remotely. The EE products are suitable for IEB, DBE and Cambridge curriculums

Exercising English 2


Exercising English Book 3

This excellent product is a blended learning product compiled for the senior learners (Grade 11 & Grade 12). Focus on basic rules and Language usage. You will pass matric with flying colours.

Exercising English 3
School Readiness


School Readiness Assessment

Do you want to determine whether your child is ready to go to school? You can now do this practical, easy and affordable School Readiness Test in the comfort and safety of your own home. The Educational Psychologist is also available for virtual consultations and assistance if required. The best time of the year to determine school readiness is from July onwards. A must have for young parents!

Fiela se kind

High School

Fiela se Kind

'n Opwindende nuwe letterkunde-onderrigmetode ondersteun deur AR-tegnologie vir Generasie Z.AR-tegnologie verryk ’n omgewing of situasie deur dit aan te vul met virtuele realiteit. AR-tegnologie gee lewe aan prentjies en kan meer inligting toevoeg.