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Blended learning here, there and everywhere!

Our Education Revolution

Nelson Mandela once said that it always seems impossible until it’s done...

Your Online Teacher made this wise statement part of our core driving force and ethos – we are revolutionising education within Southern Africa and will continue advocating for equal access to educational resource. Impossible task? Challenge accepted... Your Online Teacher believes in a digital enabled society where educators and students are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and abilities to function in an ever-evolving digital world.

Blended Learning

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Online Tutoring. Young Asian Female Tutor Teaching Foreign Language Via Video Conference

The YOT team

have been creating blended learning courseware since 2018!

We are tirelessly breaking the barriers, bulldozing traditional ways of thinking, questioning the status quo and laying the cornerstone for blended learning experiences by creating high quality, affordable, blended educational learning assets for learners in Southern Africa.

Your Online Teacher

at a glance

We are a team of learning technologists with a belief in driving change within the educational landscape through our collective experience, knowledge, skills and abilities.

Mobile Learning App

Access learning anywhere, at a touch of a button, even when you are offline with our mobile learning app.

Transforming Classrooms

Your Online Teacher is helping educators equip future leaders with the knowledge they need using the tools they love.

Augment Reality App

Learn as you interact with your surroundings by downloading the Your Online Teacher AR app on Android or iOS.

Content development

We partner with industry subject matter experts on each product to ensure that our content is not only theoretically sound but practically relevant.

Learn Everywhere

Today's learners are always on the move. With Your Online Teacher you can access your courses anywhere and any time.

Blended learning

Using our experience in learning experience design and technology, we carefully blend the old with the new to create impactful learning.